Live Capture from capture device and display it on Decklink Video Renderer

  • sunny

    sunny - 2013-07-15


    I want to create an application that capture live from any video capture source,IP Camera, and Display it on Decklink Video Rendere, I am using GMFPreview example and by using GMFPreview I can Preview Live from Deckliink WDM Capture, but this is not sufficient, My requirement is to get live from any capture device or IP camera add some graphics to it and output on decklink video rendrer,

    If anyone can suggest how could I do that, any suggesion, filter graph, sample code will be greatly appriciated, and its urgent..


  • Eric

    Eric - 2013-07-17

    I'm sure that Blackmagic's capture boards are great pieces of hardware. We also have a lot's of questions about our lib and their boards but you must understand that none of the lib writers (or at least me) have such hardware. So it's really hard to help you. I think that you should be able to ask some help from the Blackmagic's support.

    Note to Blackmagic PR: if you want us to help your customers, send us some samples boards !

  • sunny

    sunny - 2013-07-20

    Thanx for your reply. After long try i found a solution, I can make graph using graph edit tool and it is suffecient as my need.
    but one help i need is, I want to use GMFPreview Sample, but this can only preview video on picturebox screen, I also want to add onther renderer filter (Decklink Video Rendere) to the graph. when i add the filter, it is added to the graph,but when i see the graph in graph edit there is no any connection, I just need How to connect this way:

    Video Capture--->Infinite Pin Tee Filter--->Smart Tee-->Bridge Sink
    | |
    | |---->Video Renderer(PictureBox)
    ----->Charecter Generator-> Decklink Video Renderer

    Kindly help me, will this be possible using GMFPreview, If Yes then how should i connect these fileters. Or Should I have to go with aonther way.


  • sunny

    sunny - 2013-08-03

    I found no any help. can anyone help me using GMFPreview sample how can i do the following task:

    1: Select the Video capture Device(It Is Given There).
    2:Select the video renderer.
    3:Output on both video renderer and preview on windows form.
    4:Add additional filter and connect them.
    5: What about audio, How can i add the audio and select the audio capture capture device and audio renderer.

    Any help greatly appriciated:



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