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Cannot connect GSSF to Decklink Renderer

d bandara
  • d bandara

    d bandara - 2013-03-19

    Hi all,

    i am new to directshow programming and managed to make GSSF example running.
    now i want to render the output from GSSF to Decklink (duo) out using Decklink video renderer.

    but i dont know what kind of transforms(if any), or decoding/demux to be done... (because it doesnt connect!)

    but when i use "Decklink still sequence source" filter, i can connect to renderer without any issues.

    i am using set of jpg files as my source.

    Please help me with this and thanks in advance.

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  • d bandara

    d bandara - 2013-03-19

    found it..

    just tried connet(...), instead of connectDirect() and RenderStream() calls.

    with no intermediate filters. only GSSF and Decklink video renderer.
    thank you.


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