unable to add an audio source to GMFPreview

  • VBMizio

    VBMizio - 2010-02-15

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to create a capturing software based on GMFPreview example.
    My capturing devices, for audio and video input is a blackmagic design
    Decklink studio card.
    I add either audio and video filters to the feeder side of GMFBridge
    controller, and then I start the streams and all seems to be ok.
    Where I try to bridge the two sides of the controller, using hr =
    m_pBridge.BridgeGraphs(m_pSourceGraphSinkFilter, m_pCaptureGraphSourceFilter),
    I obtain an exception and the result code is -2147220982
    If I display the capturegraph trhough the GraphEdit, I can see that the audio
    pin of the sink filter is not connected to the mux filter.
    Any idea to solve the problem?
    Thanks in advance.... Maurizio

  • VBMizio

    VBMizio - 2010-02-15

    Hi all,
    now I'm a step over.
    To solve my first problem I just had to connect directly the two ausio pins,
    from the sink filter to the mux filter, and now I'm able to bridge the two
    graph togheter.
    Tomorrow I'll continue the development.

  • sunny

    sunny - 2013-07-20


    I have am facing same problem , as i just started programming using capture devices, It seems that you have done lots more in your project. Will you please help me some steps, Or the graph,Or share some source code, ..

    I just need to :
    Select The Capture Device--->Add Some Character Generator--> Select The Render Device

    using The GMFPreview Sample.. j


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