Receive multiple channels from single transponder

  • Acuario

    Acuario - 2013-02-17


    I'm trying to obtain two (or more) tv channels from a single DVB-S transponder. The transponder is obviously the same one (frequency, sr etc.) and the channels are delivered on different SID values.

    I'm using DTVViewer as a base for the project.

    I have set up a project with two windows and can individually tune two channels (each has its own instance of the tuner) but when I change from one to the other one channel stops.

    Is there a way to receive from multiple SIDs at the same time?

    I tried running 2 seperate instances of a single project but had the same result.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Eric

    Eric - 2013-02-18

    The purpose of a Tune Request is to configure for you the whole BDA graph (including setting the frequency on the tuner and configure the MPEG2 Demux filter to send to the codecs the right stream).

    What you want to do is possible but you must handle yourself the tuning and the graph configure. This mean set the tuner frequency with IBDA_FrequencyFilter, the locator values with IBDA_DigitalDemodulator and the LNB values with IBDA_LNBInfo. Additionnaly, you must configure the MPEG2 Demux with two audio pins and two video pins (see IMpeg2Demultiplexer) and direct the correct streams to them using IMPEG2StreamIdMap.


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