Dirac Beta version (0.10.0) released

This a beta release complying with the latest Dirac Specification 2.2.0.

- Added support for Ultra High Definition video
- Improved compression efficiency in both constant
quality and constant bit-rate modes.
- Fixed major bugs that caused the encoder to
crash or the decoder to go into a permanent
- Dirac support is now directly available in
FFmpeg via the external Dirac and/or
Schroedinger libraries. Hence there is no
FFMpeg patch in this release.
- Released new patches for MPlayer to enable
Dirac playback.
- DirectShow Filter released to be able to play
back Dirac v2.2.0 files
- Modified Programmer's guide to reflect changes
to the API.
- Bugs fixed: 1944681, 1906788, 1893223, 1874587

Posted by Anuradha Suraparaju 2008-06-04

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