I compiled the Dirac v1.0.0 on DSP

  • Anastasios K

    Anastasios K - 2009-01-02

    Hello to developers,
    After some months of reading about the DSP platform and Dirac format.
    I done some adding and some removing to the source code, so now it is complied on Texas Instrument DM6437 DSP platform.
    Now I have to fix to errors with linking and thats it my Project for dissertation is done.
    In this version of code I have to decode only 1 frame.

    • Anastasios K

      Anastasios K - 2009-01-05

      Today I have compiled for the 4 frames.
      I made until now only dirac decoder v1.0.0 on TI DM6437 DSP
      But I still have problem with linker maybe I need to add extra setting to it or maybe I have to add extra code to source code, because the linker say that the are some overflow.
      But I am happy because the code now is working and complete compiling.
      I have test it on PC and it decode exactly in the same way.
      So the only problem left to fix is the linker.

    • Anastasios K

      Anastasios K - 2009-01-07

      What will be affect if I will remove the Exception Handling (try, throw and catch)?
      Because the DSP was not support yet this Exception Handling yet. So for that some file was modified removing that lines.
      And mainly only the decmain file was changed to work with DSP.
      Thank you.
      I use binsrc.exe to convert the yuv stream of 4 frames CIF 422 to c file with array of each ellement which I load to the parser and finaly in the functions of write to yuv stream I load the y,u,v buffers to new buffer with uyvy format and display it on DSP, because TI DSP API function support until now only UYVY format.
      So, the question is what will happen to the source code without Exception Handling, or this is only affect is some wrong parameters try to pass from header to decoder?
      Thank you.


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