Query abt Dirac, plz solve my problem

  • hi all,

    plz, solve my problem

    I am using a Dirac Version 0.9.1. I was trying to encode a video ‘akiyo_qcif.yuv’ of QCIF size. When I try to encode the video by turning off the motion estimation and compensation module (i.e., setting the num_L1=0) then it encodes perfectly fine and decodes as well.

    But when I try to encode the video ‘akiyo_qcif.yuv’ of QCIF size by turning on the motion estimation and compensation module (i.e., setting the encoding parameter num_L1=1 or num_L1=2) then Dirac halts. More specifically, I tried to code the video by writing the following command on a command prompt, but Dirac halted (i.e., was not able to code a video).

    -SD576I50 -width 176 -height 144 -num_L1 0 -start 0 -stop 10 -fr 29.97 -cformat YUV422P -qf 7 akiyo_qcif.yuv akiyo_qcif_F100.drc 

    Kindly tell me the procedure of encoding a Dirac by setting the num_L1 option equal to 1 or 2.

    thank u in advance

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the delayed response. I tried running the same command (but with a local qcif file) and it ran ok without crashing. Can you let me know which operating system and compiler you are using?

      dirac-0.9.1 is quite an old release and quite a few bugs were fixed in later releases. I suggest that you try using dirac-1.0.0 or later and see if the problem still occurs.

      If the bug still occurs in dirac-1.0.0 can you log a bug using Tracker->bugs and upload the first 50 frames of akiyo_qcif.yuv

      Also you can use the -QCIF preset option rather than the -SD576I50 preset for QCIF video. That way you need not enter the width and height parameters.


    • hi,

      I am using Windows XP (operating system) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (compiler).

      Right now I am trying to resolve the problem using dirac-1.0.0 version as suggested by you. In case of any problems, I will log a bug using Tracker->bugs.