Tim Borer - 2008-02-25

Warmest Congratulations to David Schleef on the release of version 1.0.0 of the Schrodinger implementation of the Dirac codec.

Having two implementations is a great help allowing us to cross check the implementations to verify correctness. For the time being it will be useful to maintain both code bases. Each implementation currently has some advantages. For example the Schro decoder is quicker than the Dirac one. But, at present, the Dirac encoder achieves better compression (although it is slower). Both encoders and decoders are (more or less) cross compatible. We have successfully coded material with one and played back on the other. Over the coming weeks we will continue to work to rigorously ensure that both implementations conform to the spec.

We will be maintaining the Dirac code as a place to introduce and test new features. But over time it is likely that Schrodinger may become the decoder of choice for end users.