I am planning to use Dimdim open source for my online facilitated collaborative design and meeting space services, which will be done through my new company CoLabs.us (not yet online). I am an expert in collaborative process and have the following implementation requests to be placed into next version of Dimdim OS (if not already). Who I can talk to about these issues to get your feedback and to consider potential implementation?

(1) Ability to create at least 10 breakout rooms (or stations), each room handling up to 10 participants, each having full audio/video/text/whiteboard/chat capabilities that is separate from the main room (rooms where all participants gather) or other breakout rooms.

(2) At least two presenters (or one presenter and one facilitator and) who can be both in any part of dimdim environment at the same time. (lead architect has to be able to give them the right admin permissions)

(3) A technical manager (or producer) will need to be in each room at the same time.

(4) Both participants and facilitators have ability to move freely from room to room.

(5) Ability to archive all data (audio/video/text/whiteboards/chats) in all rooms that are active.

(6) A way to enable/disable participant functionality in 3 layered groupings. Note that all groups have the ability to move freely from room to room:
(a) inner group: has full interaction with presenters and facilitators,
(b) middle group: has the ability to ask questions via text within any room but can not interact with presenters/facilitators or anyone from the inner group beyond that,
(c) outer group: can only watch and listen, they have no interaction except to ask questions that are logged for later review and potential response.

Thanks for your input and your support.

Kind regards,
Vic Desotelle
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