Problem with teachers on Moodle

  • Atia

    Atia - 2008-02-27

    I am running DimDim Server on Ubuntu 6.10 and DimDim-Moodle (1.8 stable) integration pack with no problems. My courses have more than one teacher, so when a teacher starts the meeting from moodle and another teacher want to join it I get the next message:
    * Given meeting key is already associated with a scheduled meeting. Please give a different meeting key

    I made the changes on view.php you posted some months ago to solve the key problem with teachers. This problem is not given when students want to join the meeting, only when another teacher from the same course wants to. Has anyone faced this problem? Is it a bad configuration I did or it's just taht DimDim-Moodle pack can not do this yet?

    • Andy An

      Andy An - 2008-02-27

      Hi Atia:
      I face same problem.
      If Rajesh (this dimdim module author) could tell us how to let Moodle detect/know if one meeting activity is activated (by one teacher) then we can modify the view.php to let another teacher is displayed with "click here to join a meeting" rather than "start" another new meeting session. 


    • Atia

      Atia - 2008-03-06

      any news on this?? Has anyone tried to run dimdim's server from the open source beta? do you know if this problem is solved and the moodle integration is possible with this version?



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