Asterisk Intergration - Adobe's RTMP

  • Clint Davis

    Clint Davis - 2009-08-24

    phsultan is making a Adobe's RTMP channel driver for asterisk

    It allows Asterisk to connect as a client to an RTMP media server like Red5 or FMS (Flash Media Server), and then publish or receive media streams from such server. only tested the connection with Red5.

    This looks right on the money for integrating asterisk with red5 for DimDim.
    Only supports audio at the moment.

    This is exactly the integration i was looking for, hope DimDim can start to work this into their project.


    • Yeshua Watson

      Yeshua Watson - 2009-09-08

      This seems very interesting especially if this could be compiled as a module instead a full blown 1.6v of Asterisk. This way current installations of Asterisk would not have to be recompiled. But that's a discussion for an Asterisk forum.

      Thank for the find.

  • Roderick Montgomery

    A "full blown" version of Asterisk isn't really necessary; you'd only enable the Asterisk modules and resources you want, such as conferencing and recording.

    It would be a very interesting integration, but would need to tightly integrate with Dimdim. Since Dimdim has stopped publishing the source code (v4.5 is nearly a year old), I doubt anyone would pick up the project unless they were committed to forking Dimdim 4.5 into a new standalone project. During 2009, Dimdim has been only a closed-source hosted version, now at v5.1.

    I encourage Dimdim to re-engage the open source community: publish the latest source code on Sourceforge. Why would anyone put effort toward building an interesting integration like Clint suggests on top of a year-old version of Dimdim?

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