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Asterisk & red5 - Dimdim

  • Clint Davis

    Clint Davis - 2007-06-21

    Hey, i was just wondering if i could get more information on how red5 works and integrates into dimdim.

    I can see the future where online conferences through flash can also be bridged to a real standard telephone. (for presenter or guest)

    for listening to the recording or live broadcast.

    - The future is interconnectivity of all voice / video into any other voice video program/application.
    The original problem was that red5 has no sip support. Now with asterisk 1.4 being released it opens up the opportunity of jingle & googletalk into the native package.

    I do not have any knowledge of red5 (i only know what i have tried to read)
    Question: Using jingle does this allow any further connectivity between red5 and asterisk?
    - My end goal is to CHOOSE what to use, PC with headset OR PSTN phone line.

    Am i to early in the technology or is there some kind of solution right now?

    PS: Also suggest looking @ trixbox & web-meetme (source forge) project.
    - allows click to dial PSTN phone or user dial in and auth to listen to a conference bridge.
    This would fit so well into dimdim solution.

    And I would be willing to pay for the “add-on” to be created. (It would be good if a menu snap in to also control the users by asterisk PSTN (mute & kick etc) are also built into dimdim and users come up in the same menu as dimdim guests.

    PLEASE can other users express their interest in this solution.

    • chopeta

      chopeta - 2007-09-13

      I am very interest in this solution.

      I was review ... good idea using Asterisk for voice & video, but use Microsoft for the backend (Database & Frontend), so I am stay with Dimdim :)

      Let us know if you have any news about this.



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