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  • benayount

    benayount - 2007-08-14


    I am in the process of integrating DimDim with a locally developed client.  At the outset, I am interested in skiping the presenter IE/GUI altogether and just jump into the presentation of a single predefined application.  One of the shortest or simplest ways of achieving that is by using the dimdimPublisherUITest which provide a convenient framework to bypass the core application bureaucracy.

    As it seems from the apache logs [and once modifying the hard coded URL pointers, etc] the Test application indeed communicates with the streaming server and web server correctly.  However, once I am browsing to the conf-server and typing the correct ‘Meeting ID’ the session can not be established.  At the apache logs, I see this abnormal message: "Action redirect data not found ***********"

    So... it seems that the test app can initiate a conf-call and stream an application to the server, but is it possible to watch it? How? The regular way does not work…

    Thanks much,

    • dimdim_uday

      dimdim_uday - 2007-08-18

      Hello Zach,
      Could you please give some more details of how you are trying to achieve this?
      In particular:-
      1) Are you creating the meeting on the conference server?
      2) What message do you get when you try to join a browser client?

      It is possible to setup standalone streams - I will try it out and let you know the details.

      One point in your post mentions you would like "to bypass the core application bureaucracy"
      We have made every attempt to make the UI as easy to use and minimize the number of clicks required.
      Could you please give us some more feedback on what part of the UI you find difficult to use?

      It would also help if you could provide some more details of the kind of integration you are working on so we can enhance our APIs and integration interface.


      • benayount

        benayount - 2007-08-18

        Hi Uday,

        Thanks for the quick response.  First I would like to thank DimDim for a great project, I have no doubt it will have many useful derivatives.

        We are in the midst of creating a prototype application not tailored towards e-meeting usage.  In our scenario we already have a preinstalled agent that communicates with a large (very large) number of other similar clients.  We would like to augment that network of clients with the ability of sharing a screen.  In order for that to happen naturally within our client, we would like the client itself to trigger the screen sharing activity, not needing to switch to a web browser.

        In addition, we would like our viewers to be able to invoke the viewing action directly from their already installed client – no browser involved.  Now, and once the stream is established, other clients can start watching the stream while its embedded into a very minimal web page – no login required.

        We chose to integrate the PublisherUITest skeleton into our client and skip the browser, after a few additional tweaks we can now watch the stream using the server test page at <Server Address>\test\index.htm.  Now that we can watch the stream we are pretty much unstuck and moving fwd.

        BTW we noticed that if we were to use the DimDim viewing client, we are failing to login with an error message complaining about a meeting that does not exist (we are using the passcode as defined at PublisherUITest.cpp:80: void launchAppShare(HWND appHandle){})

        Thanks Uday and everyone for the great help,


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