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recording feature integration

  • newbie

    newbie - 2009-06-09

    I wish to integrate the "recording" feature available with Dimdim Pro, Enterprise editions as well.
    What would I need to do for this? I realize that Dimdim has not released this feature in its open source edition. (Is it because they use Flash for this?)

    Will I be able to use this facility if I buy the Pro/Enterprise editions? In that case, will I be able to integrate the recording feature with other software using API?Or will the server with all the features be hosted by Dimdim itself? (Right now, I am testing with the server installed on my machine and I can do mash-ups using the source code.)

    Please advise me on this matter.

    Is there a method to implement recordings on our own with the open source edition btw?

  • Michael Hylkema

    Michael Hylkema - 2009-09-15

    We accomplish recording at the moment by having a machine running Camtasia join the meeting.  This seems to work rather well, although it adds in some technical challenges for those not familiar with Camtasia.

  • Yeshua Watson

    Yeshua Watson - 2009-09-22

    To integrate this feature would require a change in the DimDim frontend and the Red5 backend. You can save any Red5 stream to disk but it will be up to you to run the script.

    Look here for a good start:

    If you're not much into programming, then you could hire someone else to compile the scripts for you.

  • Michael Hylkema

    Michael Hylkema - 2009-09-22

    I'm not much into programming but we're taking this on as a little project.  We'll let you know how it goes.  If anyone else is working on this, let me know so we can collaborate.  It seems already like I'll have lots of questions.


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