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Telephone Conference included in Open Source?

  • Clint Davis

    Clint Davis - 2009-02-04


    Is the ability of the telephone conferencing integration only available in the pay for version of the software, or is it included in the source code?

    and can we find out how you are doing the link between the flash media server and the telephone devices.

    Thanks, Clint.

    • Kevin Micalizzi

      Kevin Micalizzi - 2009-02-04


      At this time we do not have an integration between the telephone conference and the Dimdim audio.  It's a capability we are looking at, but have not offered yet.

      It is possible to bridge them yourself, I've included a link to KB article with a suggestion on how to accomplish it.


      Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
      Dimdim Web Conferencing /
      e: / twitter: @meetdimdim

  • Michael Hylkema

    Michael Hylkema - 2009-09-15

    Hi Kevin!  I'm curious to attempt the bridge myself however the KB article you link to here doesn't exist.  Is there somewhere else this information may be living?  Thanks!

  • Roderick Montgomery

    Hi Kevin,

    I'd be interested in coordinating an effort from the Asterisk project to make this possible. Using Asterisk for voice communication would be a very powerful alternative to using a sound card to bridge a single audio stream as your KB article suggests. Unfortunately, Dimdim stopped publishing the source code nearly a year ago with v4.5. During 2009, Dimdim has been only a closed-source hosted version, now at v5.1.

    I challenge Dimdim to re-engage the open source community: publish the latest source code on Sourceforge. Why would anyone bother to build an interesting integration like Clint suggests on top of a year-old version of Dimdim?

    Rod Montgomery 
    Digium, Inc. | Director of Services 
    Check us out at: &

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-04-13

    Hi, Rod,

    not sure if you, or if anyone else, is still interested. Around Feb. 2009, we at,, had integrated between the DimDim Audio with our SIP telephone bridge. We have a hosted Dimdim V4.5 code and integrated with our own SIP based conference bridge. There were still certain issue needs to be solved, but I remember mainly audio quality issue.

    Anyway, it works.

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Founder/CTO /

  • Vladimir Shingarev

    Hello gents!

    I've currently have a setup of free Dimdim v4.5 on my site, and Iam looking for a possilbility to integrate it with Cisco Callmanager VoIP platform.
    Ben, if you could share with us, what you have achieved with your integration and how you have done it - that would be wonderful.

    • Best,
  • Roderick Montgomery

    Hi Ben, Hi Vladimir,

    Check out It's a truly open source meeting application that uses Asterisk for voice calls and bridging audio.

    The guys at Dimdim shifted to a Software-as-aService model over a year ago and have left their "community edition" to rot. Despite multiple attempts via forum messages, emails, and twitter message, Kevin (Dimdim's community manager) hasn't responded to my requests to publish Dimdim's more recent code. They've abandoned their open source efforts and are having trouble letting go of the marketing benefits of claiming to be open. I wouldn't build any integration on stale code that's not being actively maintained.

    BigBlueButton has more features, publishes their code, and integrates nicely with Asterisk and (theoretically) other SIP servers.

    Good luck,


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