Carlos Alfaro - 2008-01-29

Well i didnt know where to post this but i think this is the correct place.

I was reading about virtualization and virtual appliances yesterday and i tought it would be cool to have a VMWare Server DimDim Appliance, so if a user wants to test dimdim he just needs to install vmware and run the image, I also found some information about Ubuntu JeOs.

Ubuntu JeOs is a linux distribution optimized for VmWare, the iso only uses about 160 MB,

I started to do this but i crashed against a wall, i dont know how to use linux, and i started to do it on windows but then i tought... distributing a VMware image with windows, i think thats ilegal, and i bet it works best on linux.

If someone could provide its valuable time to do it, i think the whole communitya,d all the potential users will be glad to have a plug and play dimdim vmware image.

Last Note, when i started to read about virtualization it said that when creating the hard disks, dont fully allocate the size, this will lead to a smaller vmware image, only the space needed for the OS and dimdim would be allocated, and if the ssytem needs more, it will grow automatically until the maximum size is rached, maybe a 2 GB would be OK for dim dim and ubunu Jeos, maybe 1 GB i dont know :).

Well guys thanks for your time, and i hope somebody can do this, or if yu have the knowledge but u dont have the time and u want to share the instructions on how to do it, or have material on how to do it in linux, i woud be glad to help, im a recipes guy, so i can follow your instructions easily.

take Care