Compiling Dimdim_v4.5_SourceCode on windows

  • gaurav kshirsagar

    Hello ,
    For one of our projects i have just started to evaluate dimdim. I have downloaded the sorce code from site. Now i am not able to compile and build teh dimdim. The  Dimdim_SF_32_v4.5_build.xml under  Dimdim_v4.5_SourceCode\v4.1\Product\Build\Scripts\SF_RPM_Script contains for linux serve. So can you guide me how to build the files under windows box.

  • Deepu Ginde

    Deepu Ginde - 2013-03-18

    Firstly I really want to thanks for the great support !

    Can You please give me some knowledge about what exactly the various folders in source code " DimdimSource code v4.1" contains :

    The various folder contained in the source code are :

    1. Components.
    2. Dependencies.
    3.  FCGIApps
    4. PreBuildBinaries
    5. Products
    6. Red5Modules
    7. ThirdPartyPackages
    8. WebApps

    Please someone Help  Help me


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