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Which IDE is used for DimDim ?

  • Samba Kolusu

    Samba Kolusu - 2007-08-28

    Hi! Which IDE is used to build the DimDim  Source?

    I would like to make certain customizations to the DimDim  Source  classes, and compile it back.

    It would be  a lot  more helpful to work in the same IDE which you have used , rather than some thing else.

    • dimdim_dilip

      dimdim_dilip - 2007-08-29

      The IDE which we use is eclipse which can be found at (

      things to make sure to configure eclipse
      1. Please make sure that the build works with out any IDE.
      2. you have to create 2 projects one using source at v2.0\WebApps\ConsoleII and another using source at v2.0\WebApps\ServerII
      3. make sure these 2 projects will use the dependencies that are present in v2.0\ThirdPartyPackages, u can have a look at build files for these two projects to know what all jars are required.

      In case you still face a problem please let us know.

    • Samba Kolusu

      Samba Kolusu - 2007-08-29

      Thank you, Mr. Dilip, for your quick response!

          And  I have few more questions in this regard,as given below :

             Which GWT plug-in for Eclipse  do you  use   ? Can we get the visual representation of the Widgets ?

             And  I'm new to GWT, and what I read from the  GWT Documentation,

             the compilation,and execution of GWT code source needs to be done at the command prompt  by running  :
             application-name-shell script  for hosted mode,
             application-name-compile script  for web mode.

             Should the same approach be followed for  compiling and executing the  DimDim GWT Code as well?

             or should we use the build ant script file  ?

            And also , another important question is :

            I've tried to recompile the DimDim Cpp classes in Visual Studio ,and I succesfully compiled them, and got the DLL s , but the problem is,  In the original DimDim cab file,  the dll s have 260 appended to their names ; but I'm not getting any thing  like that.

      What should I do to get the  dll file names exactly as the original ones in the cab file.

      And also ,  Did you  Sign the CAB file on your own(Self signed) or have got it signed by some third party?

          I may have put a lot have questions  at the same time , but  I think, they are necessary  for a better understanding of the project, before moving any further.

             Thanking you in advance.



      • dimdim_dilip

        dimdim_dilip - 2007-08-29

        I can answer some questions of rest i will try to get back to you as soon as possible..
        Which GWT plug-in for Eclipse do you use ? -- none, in the project "console" there is a file named "compile-all-pages.cmd" this is used to compile GWT code.
        We have not found/used any plugin for GWT which would show a visual representation of the widgets.

        The publisher related question some one one of us will soon get back to you.

      • Bharat Varma

        Bharat Varma - 2007-08-30


        >> I've tried to recompile the DimDim Cpp classes in Visual Studio ,and I succesfully compiled them, and got the >> DLL s , but the problem is, In the original DimDim cab file, the dll s have 260 appended to their names ; but >> I'm not getting any thing like that.

        >> What should I do to get the dll file names exactly as the original ones in the cab file.

        We have a usability reason (browser refresh and other stuff) why 260 or any version number in general is appended to the dlls for our CAB files. However, there is no need to do this for any regular CAB.

        To get the version number appended, we just modify the linker page details inside project properties (if you are using visual studio). We modify "Output File", "Input" and "Advanced" properties for our projects whose dlls are being used in the CAB.

        First, clean up your solution.

        if you take the dimdimPublisherUI project -
        Linker->General->Output File becomes $(OutDir)/dimdimPublisherUI260.dll

        Linker->Input->Module Definition File becomes .\dimdimPublisherUI270.def [you will need to take a copy of dimdimPublisherUI.def, rename it and modify it in the first line and the LIBRARY line in the file accordingly]

        Linker->Advanced->Import Library becomes ../Lib/dimdimPublisherUI260.lib

        Do the same for other projects where applicable. You will get the required dlls.

    • Samba Kolusu

      Samba Kolusu - 2007-08-29

      Thankyou , very much Dilip.

         Just now I'm able to resolve the dependencies, and Compile  the Source, using the build file given in the ServerII project.

         Is it OK , should we compile the ConsoleII  Project  separately , bu running the the  script file you have mentioned,above?

         And , thanks for your assurance that you  will get back to me  with the remaining  details that I've asked for(Your sincere and prompt support needs to be appreciated)!


    • Samba Kolusu

      Samba Kolusu - 2007-08-30

        Hi! Dilip!
      I'm sorry , for the  messed up message above.

      My Question is Is it  sufficiet that we   the build file provided in ServerII  project or Should we run the  command file you have mentioned  in ConsoleII ?

      Further I have a few more questions ,listed below :

         1. Which GWT version is used for  DimDim?

         2.Which Eclipse Version is used? (I'm using 3.3); and Did you use classic  eclipse or Eclipse  Web Tool Platform (WTP) version , or  some thing else?

        3.And Usually for GWT  projects the GWT Compiler generates a hosted mode browser running on JVM, which will be very useful for  Debugging , and generates  the web folder called 'www' after compiling the  GWT classes  into corresponding web pages.But seeing the ConsoleII Structure, I suppose the scripts  that could do this are absent,am I correct?

        4.If so, How is the GWT Code compiled into , and where does the generated web pages go?

        5. And , on running the build file in ServerII project,   I did not get any war file in dist folder. The dist folder    
           is empty. Did I miss  any thing?

        6.After running the build file, which page should I run in eclipse to view the Signin.action page?

         Waiting for your answer...
         Thanks and Regards!

    • Bharat Varma

      Bharat Varma - 2007-08-30


      >> And also , Did you Sign the CAB file on your own(Self signed) or have got it signed by some third party?

      We sign our xpi and cab with a code signing certificate from Verisign. CABs need to be signed by a valid third party entity. Otherwise, IE won't let you install it.

      If you are using an xpi,  you can manage without signing it. The user gets a warning (as you might have noticed if you install any addon in firefox), but he/she can proceed to install the xpi.

      Bharat Varma

  • Hong Zhang

    Hong Zhang - 2009-10-27

    I am new to Dimdim project. I have downloaded and trying to set development env in my windows machine. But the readme files inside this zip file are for linux or unix, is there any build document or instruction for window environment?


  • John Grey

    John Grey - 2009-10-28

    Hi, I guess I'm trying the same so I assume that I can help you out a bit. Unfortunately there seems to be no one around to help me:) Even to find a way to create a new thread seems to be problem here, - have you created one or just posted a reply?
    Anyway, - it does not matter what environment are you in, virtual machine that holds dimdim installation within it will run in windows environment just as in Linux, since it own environment is encapsulated within it. so just go ahead, download and install WMWare vm player as instructed and you will be fine. Linus instructions are very accurate, so you will be ok.
    I just went through that. But my problem is that it is changing vm IP address somehow, as if on the fly, dynamically, and my connection breaks in a middle of a meeting session. Anyone out there? Please help!!!

  • Hong Zhang

    Hong Zhang - 2009-10-28

    thanks. i will try

  • Hong Zhang

    Hong Zhang - 2009-10-28

    Hi, I am installing conference server using dimdimserver.exe. i was able to make it works using internal ip address. but if i change to domain name or external ip, it was not working. During installation, shows internal ip, did not provide me oppertunity to use external ip. But i updated config file after installation, it does not work. is there anyone has the same problem or answer for it?
    thanks in advance


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