Always the same with "OpenSource Projects"

Nico Frost
  • Nico Frost

    Nico Frost - 2009-03-17

    Like many of these pseudo OpenSource Projects (best example ist Open-Xchange) you all make the same mistake: You don't help the community, you make them angry! Why use an open sourced product, if commercials are not for free but easy?
    Spread you product and let millions use it instead of "opening" not understandable source code, documentation or build scripts.

    PLEASE!!! make it ease for everybody to user your "open source" product (M$ did it, see where they are now!!!). You'll profit of it, I promise!

    • Kevin Micalizzi

      Kevin Micalizzi - 2009-03-18


      I'm sorry to hear you feel angry.  We provide our meeting server code under the GPL for those more technical who want to install and run Dimdim.  We offer hosted free web conferencing for up to 20 attendees via  Our goal is to make web conferencing easy, open, and affordable. 

      I'm assuming your concerns are with our open source product.  We release our meeting server code to the community in good faith.  To help people get Dimdim open source up and running quickly, we create a CentOS5 VMWare image that can be run on virtually any platform.  The VMWare image includes a readme file with instructions. 

      If there are ways you feel we could improve how we work with the community, please don't hesitate to let me know,


      Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
      Dimdim Web Conferencing
        twitter: @dimdim

    • Nico Frost

      Nico Frost - 2009-03-30

      Hi Kevin,

      I'm sorry for my "bad" words. Exploring many open source projects I found out that it's not so hard to offer an easy to install software in source code. Best example ist the red5 server you also should know. Fantastic ant scripts, userfriendly tools and thousands of tutorials. I think that is an functioning community the developers can count on.

      Other projects (e.g. Open-Xchange) don't have such a community, all work comes from the internal team. Which way do you think, DimDim will go?

      I love your product, it's fantastic! I think for every developer you can fascinate with open sourced features and appropriate support you get 10 paying customers that order support.

      Regards, Dirk


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