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Dimdim is a cheater, liar

  • rashomon

    rashomon - 2009-01-08

    I can not believe how people can cheat other saying this is an opensource project.
    Please stop this drama and cheating. You say its GPL. But no source code for flash even no swf file. You release active/ff control without the core FLV encoding source. 

    I am saying this because its not a coincidence. You deliberately doing this from the beginning. 

    We have no issue if you say this a closed source project. We dont care. 
    But, if you say its open source please be honest.
    Dont confuse, cheat people and waste time of other people.

    thanks and good bye. 
    I hope this project fail to bottom because you are a cheater.

    • Kevin Micalizzi

      Kevin Micalizzi - 2009-01-08


      I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with feedback.  We release our conference server software under the GPL for the open source community in good faith.  There are some components/technologies we leverage in the product that we do not have the rights to distribute as source code.  I can understand your frustration that some components do not have source code available, but we would be violating the license agreements if we were to provide source code for them.  

      On the specific items you brought up:
      1. SWF files are distributed with the binary distribution.  If you need help locating them, please let me know.
      2. FLV Encoding is a part of the Recording Component, which was not released under the GPL and is not available as source code.
      3. For the Internet Explorer and FireFox plug-ins, building and releasing requires a certificate for signing the code.  We can not release the Dimdim certificate in open source as it would violate the license agreement.  However, we do have a procedure that we can share with you for how to build and sign the plug-ins.

      If you have any questions or want assistance with these items, please let me know.


      Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
      Dimdim Web Conferencing /
      e: / twitter: @meetdimdim
      On Facebook:


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