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  • Rene

    Rene - 2008-05-20

    I have been waiting for some opportunity to start testing DimDim.  Your new version 3.5 that is a VMWare appliance image seems to be the only way to get version 3.5 at this moment.  However, my ultimate deployment will probably be in the Amazon EC2 cloud that uses the Xen virtual machine image rather than the VMware technology. I just spent the afternoon trying to see if I can take your current 3.5 VMWare appliance and convert it to the Amazon image, but that just adds a layer of complexity and distracts me from my mission of getting to know and test DimDim, not VM technologies.

    Since you have a configuration all setup that you are distributing as an image, is it possible to ask you to create an Amazon EC2 image as well. In fact, if you just bundle it with CentOS or the OS of your choice, make an Amazon public image out of it, and point us to it, we can all launch a virtual machine with  DimDim with a simple Amazon account and a key click. 

    Can you please look into a DimDim Amazon AMI public image of version 3.5 for us?

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Thanks for your interest towards Dimdim. Yes. i will let my product management team know about your feedback.

      We have released a tar ball version of Dimdim server (Dimdim_Linux_Native_Install_v3.5.tar.gz). You can download this tar ball version and follow the read me (Dimdim_Linux_Native_Install_v3.5_Readme.txt) to install in Amazon EC2 cloud.

      Please do let us know if you are facing with any issues.


    • Rene

      Rene - 2008-05-21

      Thank you.  I did find the tar ball, and uploaded it to a Fedora Core 8 AMI image, and will be working on setting this up.  If I have good luck, I will make my findings public so others can easily make use of Dimdim and EC2, what should be a good combination.  I will also consider how to cluster multiple instances once I have one working.  My point is to see if this can scale to a point of several hundred or more users at once on the back of EC2. Thank you for your reply.

    • C. G. Sellers

      C. G. Sellers - 2008-07-23

      I have a Fedora9 Image and have DimDim working on EC2.  It was fairly straight forward and it would be a good marketing tool to use much like a VM image, but would limit the audience to just EC2 customers (which is FAR FAR smaller than VMWare)

      The effort is easy none the less


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