Problems creating windows installer

  • Miguel Goyena

    Miguel Goyena - 2008-04-20

    Hi. I have downloaded the open source project, and I have several problems and questions.

    I will start with the questions:

    1.- When I download the project, I would like to find the build.xml, but I've found lots of build.xml. I used the dimdim_300_beta_012108\v2.0\Product\Build\build2.5.xml file, but I've found lots of bugs in this ant file. I'm not sure this is the correct file. Is it???

    2.- After solving lots of problems with this ant file. What happens with the Streaming Server, I don't find it, so I commented this part of the ant file. Other problem was compiling problems due to the ServerCommon project, and UICommon project, is not included in the ant file. What happens with the streaming server. I don'compile it????, I think it's written in C, but I don't see in the ant file any reference to the streaming server compilation, I only see a reference to the Streaming Server Adapter.

    Now commes the problems.

    1.- I'm interested in creating a Windows Installer, so I run the makeWindowsInstaller tag after creating the linux package. I have a problem using the nsis project. The first one is the JRE included in the NSIS project, in the scripts calls the .exe in another way that is in dimdim_300_beta_012108\v2.0\Installer\ConferenceServer\scripts (there it is called j2re-setupo.exe). The second problem is an SO problem I think.

         [exec] File: Descending to: "..\dist\Conference Server\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\dimdim\WEB-INF\classes\com\dimdim\conference\action\"
         [exec] File: failed opening file "..\dist\Conference Server\Tomcat 5.5\webapps\dimdim\WEB-INF\classes\com\dimdim\conference\action\ChildSessionConferenceAction.

    I don't know how the tree is expanded in the ant file but some files I can't interact with them, perhaps some program is using it. I don't know how to continue with this. I restart the computer but the problem continues. So I can't create the windows intaller.

    I will continue working. If you need some kind of information I will send it by e-mail or in this post.


    • Miguel Goyena

      Miguel Goyena - 2008-04-20

      Well I've done some progress.

      The error in windows installer was due to the big path in my project, too much length for
      So I got a Windows installer, but the windows installer only have the Conference Server.

      Where is the streaming server????. I know there was another server I can't remind rigth now, where is the third server???

      My application doesn't work because the streaming server is not in the package I create.

      Thanks, but more contruction instructions about streaming server are necessary

    • Joe Fusto

      Joe Fusto - 2008-04-24

      I've got the same problem.
      I had successfully (not without troubles...) compiled DimDim and installed it in TomCat.
      All things was fine, but in video window appear an error message related to streaming server connection fail.
      I've solved using streaming server installed by Community Version Windows Installer.
      But I can't do the same with media server, that fails too.

      Have You solved your questions?

      Best regards

    • Miguel Goyena

      Miguel Goyena - 2008-04-30

      Hi Joe. Sorry I didn't answer before, but I do this in my pleasure time, I in the last week I ddin' have a lot :-(.

      I haven't solve anything. I am trying to make run the make files of the streaming server but I haven't get anything. I'm a bit bored with this, because anyone from dimdim give any support with the opensource version.

      I give you my e-mail to maintain contact if we solve something.


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