Bandwidht dimdim issues asterisk iptables

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    We recently installed dimdim in our network. The same day we installed dimdim it was causing issues with asterisk (we didnt find out until we look our packet loss and the iptables logs) Well, apparently seems to be that dimdim takes a lot bandwidht causing iptables bandwidht rule to lock the servers. It shut down our asterisk server for a while at first we thought it was asterisk but asterisk was running fine it just that apparently iptables lock the incoming/outgoing traffic on the asterisk server. Today my boss was holding a dimdim session but before this i was monitoring asterisk and he told me that when he was holding the dimdim session the attendees couldnt see his sharing screen?..i look at my pingplotter logs and compare both logs and come to find out that while he was holding the dimdim session asterisk was experiencing packet loss issues as well (dimdim started to lose packets in intervals until the box went down or (iptables block the incoming/outgoing packets) 15 minutes later dimdim was accesible again. But when we look at the firewalls logs we dont see any record in regards to the suppose bandwidth issue????..

    Cesar Fiestas

    • DD Ganguly

      DD Ganguly - 2007-05-30


      We have measured Dimdim's bandwidth utilization using WireShark (network monitor) to benchmark ourselves
      against propietary solutions. When I measured it I saw the utilization range from 50 kbps to 200 kbps
      depending upon the percentage of pixels changing on the screen.

      Could you share your iptables rule set? Also, what's your bandwidth?

      Warm regards,


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