DimDim always says meeting is past

  • BIll Mounce

    BIll Mounce - 2008-01-20

    When I try to set a new dimdim meeting, I receive this error:

    This meeting occured in the past and has finished

    I have set the localization of my server to the correct timezone (Atlantic/Los Angeles) and my Profile (in Moodle) to the same. No matter what date I set, it always says the meeting is past.

    I am using it inside Moodle 1.9.

    Any suggestions? By the way, at last in American English, "occurred" is spelled with two "r's."


    • BIll Mounce

      BIll Mounce - 2008-01-21

      Hmm. I went back to it a few hours later and now it sayd the meeting is in the future. Is there some thing else I have to do when I enter a DimDim meeting?

      Related, is that no matter when I set the server time, the time for the DimDim meeting never changes. I would think that if I reset my server's time by three hours, that it would be reflected in the DimDim meeting. Where does DimDIm get its time from? The server?


    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      For Dimdim-Moodle Integration, Dimdim uses Moodle server for scheduling. All the scheduled Dimdim Web Meetings created from Moodle are stored in Moodle database.  What is the Moodle and Dimdim integration pack versions that you are having?



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