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Problems sharing desktop or applications

  • Rodolfo Franco

    Rodolfo Franco - 2007-08-08


    First of all, congratulations for this great job.

    I installed and tried the web conference using both IE7 and Firefox, but whenever I want to share my desktop or Excel or another application (like PDF, etc.) the vertical bar appears in busy state and after a second it closes without letting me share.

    The application still believes that it is sharong but nothing is seen on the collaboration panel.

    Thanks for your help.


    • Rajesh Dharmalingam

      Hello Rodolfo,

      Thanks for your kind words. Could you please let me know the following:
      1. Do you have firewall running on the machine where conference server is installed?
      2. Do a telnet to the conference server machine and let us know the output for the following
          <windows drive> telnet <dimdim-conference server address> 1935
          <windows drive> telnet <dimdim-conference server address> 80
          <windows drive> telnet <dimdim-conference server address> <dimdim-port number>
      3. Which version of Dimdim you have installed?
      4. OS in which conference server is deployed


    • Rodolfo Franco

      Rodolfo Franco - 2007-08-09

      Here are the answers to your questions:

      1 - "Unfortunately", I have Windows Firewall installed. But I have also tried collaborating having it disabled.
      2 - The telnet only works for dimdim-port (mine is 8008). Both ports 80 and 1935 are not accepting connections.
      3 - I have installed 1.6.0 Alpha version of DimDim (The file named dimdim-1.6.0_07302007.exe for Windows).
      4 - I'm using Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2) with a screen resolution of 1280x800 and 2 GB of RAM.

      Please, let me know if I help you in any way to find the problem (maybe I can send you traces or log files?)

      Thanks again.

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam

      Hello Rodolfo,

      Thanks for the updates. The problem you were facing is because of the ports 1935 and 80 is blocked. These ports are used for the streaming of data for AV / Desktop sharing / any screen share. Could you please configure firewall to allow the ports 1935/80 and do a telnet. If the connections are accepted, you will be able to do screen sharing / audio-video.



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