Ivantsar - 2008-03-08


I tried to use Dimdim Alpha, but at that time I had problems with localization (to Russian language).
In the forum I found posts with people having same problems and you responded that this problem will be fixed at Beta.
I installed Beta, and unfortunately I have same problems. When I try to use Russian text in resources, this text is displayed incorrectly on the web form (wrong enoding).
As far I see, the problem is in DictionaryObject class.
<dm:DictionaryObject component="forms" dictionary="ui_strings"/>
This string in jsp file inserts strings from specified dictionary into html. My dictionary has encoding Windows-1251, but when this class reads data from the dictionary, it seems that it consider these data as Windows-1252 (this is actually default encoding, so I think, you just don't specify any encoding there).
Unfortunately, I didn't find sources of this class in the package.
Can you suggest how to solve the problem? May be it's possible to specify somehow for the DictionaryObject class what encoding should be used while reading from the file?

Thank you.