Additional Time zones?

  • Peter Honan

    Peter Honan - 2006-09-21

    Firstly..great project!! I am excited to see the rapid progress and you direction with DimDim.
    I am the admin at a Secondary College in Australia and look forward to using DimDim in our environment to promote inter-school activities.

    Would it be possible to alter the available time zones? The only one listed to schedule a conference are:
    Eastern Standard Time .. GMT -5
    Central Standard Time .. GMT -6
    Mountain Standard Time .. GMT -7
    Pacific Standard Time .. GMT -8

    and I live in GMT +10 (Victoria/Australia).

    Also, the ability to secure the conference schedule or 'meet now' functions would be great.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      GMT +12 here :)

      • DD Ganguly

        DD Ganguly - 2006-09-22


        Thanks for your feedback. We are working on this.



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