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  • Startups.in

    Startups.in - 2006-09-17

    It'd be nice to have the panels automatically expand/collapse by simply clicking on the "Chat/Attendees/Resources etc."  panels on the top.

    • prakash.khot

      prakash.khot - 2006-09-19


         As a matter of fact; the panels are stacked above each other and their visibility is controlled by the buttons in the panel toolbar.

        Could you please let me know if that does that not work?


    • Startups.in

      Startups.in - 2006-09-19

      May be I was expecting it to behave differently while it is working per design. I was expecting the panel to expand/collapse as I click successively on the corresponding icon in the toolbar. Wish I could explain it better but hope you got my point.

    • prakash.khot

      prakash.khot - 2006-09-20

      I think I get what you are saying or so I think. :-)

      To paraphrase - you are looking for collapsible panels that can be seen side by side instead of the stacked mode. The known instances of the collapsible panels are Gmail Quick Contacts, Labels, etc.

      Did I get it?..Please let me know.


      • Startups.in

        Startups.in - 2006-09-21

        No Prakash. What I meant is different. It is infact much simpler. OK, let me try again -
        1) Under "View" tab, at the top, there are "Chat", "Attendees", "Resources" buttons in addition to others.
        2) What I'm expecting is the "Chat" panel in the left column to expand when upon the first click on the "Chat" button at the top and to collapse on the successive click.

        Similar behavior with other buttons and corresponding panels.

        As simple as that. Any clear?

    • prakash.khot

      prakash.khot - 2006-09-22

      The panels on the left hand side are stacked above each other and currently the panel toolbar buttons in the View tab do expand them. (It actually brings the individual panel to forefront and hence in focus)

      I just double checked to be sure and behavior was as expected for me in ie6, ie7 and FF 1.5.07.

      Could you please let me know if you are seeing it work differently?



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