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Dim Dim Presenter vs. Proxy Config

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Can Dim Dim Presenter work behind a proxy?  I am attempting to present from behind a "corporate" proxy, to a dim-dim server hosted on port 8089.  I get the normal HTML and Presentation options just fine, however anything involving the presenter agent seems to go direct vs. connecting Via proxy.

    Any recommendations?
    thank you
    --Keith Wunsch

    • dimdim_uday

      dimdim_uday - 2007-04-16

      Hello Keith,
      Thank you for using Dimdim and posting this feedback.
      Can you please give me some more details regarding your network setup and the problem you are facing?

    • Jordi Deu Pons

      Jordi Deu Pons - 2007-05-07


      I've the same problem. DimDim Presenter Client try to connect directly throw port 1935, and I don't know If it's possible to configure DimDim Client to connect throw a proxy. I haven't found any configure file related to the presenter client.

      If it possible?


    • Rajesh Dharmalingam

      Hi Jordi,

      RTMP uses port 1935 and all the streaming happens through this port. So, desktop share, application share and Audio/Video from presenter works when 1935 port is unblocked.

      Basically this port 1935 needs to be unblocked only in the machine where the "Dimdim Server" is installed.

      Could you please let me know if this solves the problem?



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