Video/Audio not working

  • Hilb

    Hilb - 2006-09-19

    First thing - well done -- great start.

    Web cam and audio do not work. Would be good to have an option to test audio/video integration.



    • prakash.khot

      prakash.khot - 2006-09-19


      Thanks for the encouraging words. Could you please elaborate as to what exactly happens as in Web cam and audio do not work. Here are few things I would recommend that you check

      1. Do you have the flash plug-in installed?
      2. When - as a presenter - you publish the A/V feed (triggered by pressing the play button under the presenter image); do you get the Flash Security dialog asking permission to access Mike and Camera.
      3. Is the presenter able to see himself in the AV preview panel?
      4. Does the attendee AV panel show messages like Connecting, Receiving Images?
      5. It would be great if you could e-mail ( me the wrapper.log which is located at ${DIMDIM_INSTALLATION_DIR}/conferneceserver/tomcat5.5/logs

      I should be able to help you sort out the problem as soon as I have the above information.


    • Hilb

      Hilb - 2006-09-19

      Hi again.
      1. Yes - flash player 9
      2. No
      3. No
      4. Presenter and attendee AV panels are both black with "connecting" displayed
      5. When I get to work tomorrow I will send it to you

      It has worked once only.

      Couple of other things.
      Would be good if the attendee view was able to reduce the width of the side panel so the presentation could be made to fit on the right without scroll bars.

      Would also be good to be able to see the presenters mouse.



      • Saurav Mohapatra (dimdim)


        Also could you give us a "layout" of your installation?? as in where your server is and how many streaming servers did you set up in your cluster ??

        one more point... can you do telnet localhost 30000 on the machine on which the server is running and type

        GET / HTTP/1.0

        and then hit the Enter Key twice... what do you see in that print out???

        I am guessing may be something else is running on your streaming server port and thus the streaming server is not able to start.

        the wrapper.log shall help immensely in detecting this too.

        thanks for using dimdim. :)


    • Hilb

      Hilb - 2006-09-20

      Hi again,
      Two emails on their way to you with the log file and telnet info...




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