Feedback for the Audio/Video - Echo-Lag-Scale

  • dimdim_uday

    dimdim_uday - 2007-08-20


    I am looking for some feedback on the quality of the Video and Audio sharing over Dimdim.
    Some of the points on which I would appreciate some feedback are:-

    Audio Quality
    Subjective judgment of the voice quality - Excellent/Good/Average/Bad
    Lag - The delay in the audio broadcast & received.
    Jitter - Does the audio sound "robotic"
    Echo - Do you get echo when using headphones? If one attendee with mic is on speaker - then there will be some echo due to the attendee's mic picking up the sound from the speaker.

    Video Quality
    There has been a change with the video broadcaster and player to improve the quality of the video - including increased number of frames per second.
    Subjective judgment of the video quality - Excellent/Good/Average/Bad
    Lag - The delay in the vidio broadcast & received.
    Audio-video sync - Is the audio-video synchronized?

    We have noticed some problems which are browser/platform specific, it would be very helpful if you could include this information with your feedback.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hello uday,

      thanks for this excellent product - Dimdim. i really like it. i have seen a change in quality in DImdim audio and video on the hosted trial demo site. but there is still a small lag between the video and audio. they are not fully in synch. but the video quality has improved a lot. can we increase the size of the video? how about multi - party video?
      sometimes the video breaks nd later catches up.


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