PPT conversion = strange signs ...

  • Thomas FERRE

    Thomas FERRE - 2008-05-19


    I am using Dimdim Web Meeting Community Edition 3.5 (Rocket) (the last VMWARE image).

    First of all, congratulations !

    DIMDIM is a real good piece of software :-)

    We are used to ADOBE CONNECT and DIMDIM is almost as efficient (and opensource !!!)

    Just a little pb:
    during a PPT conversion, some weird signs appear IN the converted PPT :
    for example :
    "..." becomes "&"
    same pb with "'" and others signs ...

    It is really a shame because the PPT sharing is very convenient.

    Is it a known bug ?

    Does it come from the language used configuration (french) ?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Thomas FERRE

      Thomas FERRE - 2008-05-20


      It seems that this PPT conversion pb occurs in Web Meeting Community Edition 3.5 (Rocket) but NOT in the DIMDIM.COM hosted version (Dimdim Web Meeting 3.5 Beta www.dimdim.com).

      The PPT conversion in the DIMDIM.COM hosted version seems much better (no weird signs, no lines jumping) that the Community Edition 3.5 one.

      Are the DIMDIM.COM hosted and the Community Edition 3.5 (Rocket) PPT conversion the same ?

      It seems that they are NOT the same.

      Thanks for your answer.

      • DD Ganguly

        DD Ganguly - 2008-05-20


        Eagle (Open Source Community Edition 3.5) uses Open Office while the hosted version uses PowerPoint. The strange signs that you are seeing are appearing because of the way Open Office interprets PowerPoint files.

        Eagle also uses an Open Source streaming server which sometimes shows lag and scaling problems.

        Warm regards,


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