Audio playback in Dimdim

  • Madriker Valentine

    Ok, maybe i'm doing something wrong, or maybe the program just does NOT work that way... However, what i'm trying to do is using Dimdim's Application Sharing functionality to share an audio player and have the participants to the conference listen to what i'm listening to... However it seems like the only thing that's shared is the video part, not the audio. Am i doing something wrong? Is it supposed to work the way it does? And if it is, is there any way to implement this funcionality in Dimdim?

    • Avinash Chandra

      Avinash Chandra - 2007-12-07

      Hello Madriker,
      Thanks for your interest in dimdim.
      The application sharing which you are doing is only screen sharing. This will not capture the sound play by the application. If you want to share the audio part then you can put your mike near to your speaker.

    • Madriker Valentine

      Isn't there any way to have audio sharing? Fact is, i need Dimdim as a platform for a course in Linguistic Mediation, and i'd need the students to listen to an audio source and translate it as an exercise. Putting the mike near the speakers isn't quite viable, as we use headphones, not speakers... And on top of that, the resulting audio quality would be terrible...

    • DSC

      DSC - 2007-12-17

      As an interim fix, if using Windows to present, you could change your Windows "Recording" mixer to use the "Stereo Mix" output, instead of the mic, to stream your content over the audio'd just have to use the Windows mixer to switch back and forth when you want to use the mic again. (If your sound card driver allows it - I don't think they all allow "recording" Window's Playback output).


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