Scheduling Meetings?

Eric Darby
  • Eric Darby

    Eric Darby - 2008-11-16

    Is it possible to enable scheduling of meetings in 3.5 beta or 3.0 non virtual appliance?

    This feature was in the original opensource releases but seems to be missing now.

    • benk2

      benk2 - 2008-12-02

      I am having the same difficulty.  Please post a reply if you find an answer to this question.

    • Sylvain Avril

      Sylvain Avril - 2008-12-11

      I think this a closed source of DimDim Enterprise. See : "Bear in mind that features which require the Dimdim meeting portal (scheduling & recording to note) are not available in open source."

      • Kevin Micalizzi

        Kevin Micalizzi - 2008-12-11

        Scheduling for meetings with our hosted service is done via our portal.  The portal is not released under the GPL. 

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