Maximum meeting time 2 hours ?

  • gungho

    gungho - 2008-04-01

    I get an error message every time if the meeting is longer than 2 hours and the host is forced to quit the meeting window. Is this a limitation in the open source version ?

    • alex_ct

      alex_ct - 2008-04-01

      You are right, the longest meeting lasts 2 hours. You have more restrictions regarding the number of users set to 5 and only one meeting room per server. It's meaningless to use DimDim with those restrictions, I can recommend you to take a look at Elluminate vRoom that's free for up to 3 users and has far more features than DimDim. You can also check out the ePresence project here on SourceForge.

    • plg

      plg - 2008-04-12

      Where can I find ALL the limitations of the "Open Source" version of Dim Dim?

      I don´t see the point on giving an open source version completely useless for the real world.


    • Brian Craig

      Brian Craig - 2008-04-22

      You too?
      I am disappointed as well. This Open Source appl is suppose to be OpenSource! Its seemed like Trialware. Nothing works for me either. It is limited very much so and the website says nothing about the its limitations. In fact, the website says the Open Source has the same features that the Enterprise DIMDIM has but for open for developers and techies to use. I haven't been able to get the share desktop to work and as well as you nothing worked for me either. It bombs and then takes a while for the web browser to come back to say "Start A meeting" yet I already had started a meeting. Also I didn't know that I would be limited to just 5 people! in a meeting. Again the website said nothing about what the Open Source was limited to. It said nothing. I found out by reading this forum. They really want you to buy the Enterprise or use theirs for a fee. They mention how they support Open Source. I didn't see any thing in the product that would be full with all the features that Open Source apps would have. Like Joomla and Dotnetnuke Open Sources apps I have used, though not a web conferences but you can do anything with those products as an Open Source application. Very Very Disappointed! I guess I am going to looking at other Web Conferenceing Open Source products. I can't do anthing if the Open Source can't even do what I want it to do for me. GoodLuck to all as well.......

    • Danny Peter

      Danny Peter - 2009-02-04

      I would also like to know all the limitations of 3.5 OpenSource. From this thread I have read so far

      1 - Only allowed 2 hour meetings
      2 - One meeting room per server
      3 - 5 people per room

      What else?

      I know I have change a lot of properties in the DIMDIM files to open features up and change logo's, stuff like that. Why wouldnt we be able to change everything?


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