PowerPoint tables corrupt on upload beta 3.5

  • Paul Gerrish

    Paul Gerrish - 2008-05-25

    TO developers thanks - great open source product and concept. I have been testing DimDim and getting it to work but as I am from Windows background (never used Linux) have been using the 3.5 beta running under VMPLayer and it works surprisingly well on XP SP2 workstation so far (not yet got the email configured for DimDim email - but local email option works).

    Some PowerPoint slides in  presentations (Office 2003)do not display correctly - this looks manly as though it relates to tables and are either misplaced (overlying text) or the text is blotted laterally into an unreadaable mass. Also odd entries are added at the end of some text e.g. ^N (I think) - looks like where paragraph or new line maker is.

    There are a few points that could be clearer in the documentation for people wanting to try the beta 3.5 but who are not used to Linux (as no Windows version 3.5 seems available).

    1. When it says edit the dimdid.properites - how to veiw this and do it from within VMPlayer as only console is available (did work out less and VI commands eventually)
    2. Where is the wrapper.log located as no idea of structures within Linux
    3. A bit more description about the default smtp settings ( smtp.atlarge.net )as this did not seem to work. This may be I suppose becasue the smtp request was not making it out of the worksplace LAN (Windows domain) , which runs Exchange Server



    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      The issues related to powerpoint could be because of open office. Could you please try the same ppt upload by loging into Dimdim website.

      Regarding the file edits, you need to try on the vmware image's console by opening a terminal or you can login from putty to that vmware image.

      The directory structure of Dimdim is :
              --- usr

      Regarding smtp, if you are using smtp.atlarge.net, the credentials should be retained the same as it was available.



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