Kenny Holden - 2009-01-12

On the opensource system, I have found that if I try to use the Synchronise website function with a website that is secure with a login - to demonstrate a secure portal website. The system does not work. After entering the username/password pair and clicking login, instead of the system logging in, the login page simply reloads.

Has anyone else had such problems?

My workaround currently is to use the share my screen function and demonstrate with Internet Explorer which is very slow. Does anyone know how to speed this up?

Also, When I use the document system to share a powerpoint presentation. The upload is very slow (much slower that uploading a document to a server using any other method).

Finally, the full-screen function doesn't seem to work correctly. When presenting a powerpoint presentation using the document sharing system. Part way though the presentation the viewer clicked on full-screen and then informed me that upon doing so, they could now see the first page of the presentation. Clicking to exit full screen caused 2 or 3 javascript error pop-ups and then returned the viewer to the smaller view which was on the correct page.

Has anyone had similar problems? Does anyone have any work-arounds?

Kind Regards, Kenny Holden