Meeting Interrupted/Booted off

  • OklaCoach

    OklaCoach - 2007-10-17

    Hi!  I love the idea of DIMDIM!  It is awesome - except, it says that I (the host) leave the meeting or the meeting ends abruptly.  Any ideas?

    • DD Ganguly

      DD Ganguly - 2007-10-17

      Hi Oklacoach,

      Thanks for your post. It is particularly interesting because it is an usability issue and we are continually trying to make Dimdim more usable (to do what an user expects it to do). Could you please describe what your expectation was?

      Here are some specific questions:

      * When should the meeting be closed?

           When the organizer a) explicitly clicks on Sign Out   or b) clicks on the dialog box which says  you are moving away the meeting will be closed.

           * Organizer exited because his machine crashed and wants to rejoin the meeting. The meeting should be held open and all the attendees should not be asked to leave. Should the attendees still be allowed to chat amongst themselves?

      I look forward to your response. I am sure that it will help us improve the product.

      Warm regards,

    • OklaCoach

      OklaCoach - 2007-10-17

      My expectations as a user are

      1)that the meeting should continue until the host explicitly signs out ends the meeting; 2) in the event the host lost connection the meeting be held open for other attendees to continue their conversations or whatever (perhaps as an option) like many teleconference lines - that the meeting may begin or continue with current participants if the host isn't there.

      3) if I used this for business - which I do - but, as a product that I paid money for - if it dropped our meeting several times during one meeting or if it dropped our meeting only once during 2 out of 5 meetings, I would not feel that it was "stable" enough to rely on.  Therefore, I wouldn't use it - not matter what the cost - even if it were free.

      4) Finally, my expectation is that if I had a problem of being dropped, there would be an understandable explanation and fixable result as to why this is happening. For example, firewalls or server issues.  I am willing to do what I need to do to make DIMDIM work on my end - whatever that is - as long as I can understand what needs to be done and I am able to do it (have the required hardware/software and a bit of know how or resources).
      I have used Dimdim a couple of times for a serious "trial" run on meetings with our team. 

      Here is what I did/am doing: 
      * using the dimdim server ( - perhaps this is an issue? 
      * max of 3 participants (2 invitees and 1 host) - not local to eachother

      The first time we used it for about an hour during which time the meeting closed several times (more than 4 or 5 times). 

      I tried it again last night, I logged in as host, invited two attendees and right after the invitee was in the meeting they received a message saying that I (the host) had left the meeting and the meeting was ended - but on my/the host end it appeared as if the meeting was continuing.

      I was not presenting presentations or applications - I was only sharing my desktop.

      I hope this information is helpful.  I have never been as excited about a software/ application as I have been with DIMDIM.  I expect great things!  Thank you!


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