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Synchrolive WebPage Sharing on VM not working

  • Jason Neiberger

    Jason Neiberger - 2009-03-17

    I have installed and have running the VM DimDim 4.5 appliance and everything seems to work just fine except for the WebPage Sharing option, it just keep saying "Synchrolive could not add the url for sharing. This is a temporary problem. Can you please retry again."

    Is something not enabled or configured? Is anyone else having this issue? And has it been fixed?

    Thank you for any comments,


    • Darren Couch

      Darren Couch - 2009-03-24

      Same problem here...hope someone can help with this issue.

    • Matt

      Matt - 2009-04-23

      Are you in a corporate environment with a proxy server for web browsing.

      I require a proxy server to be set in IE and FF to be able to browse sites in the 'outside world' (although not for sites hosted on local servers).

      I found that using the VM image I was able to browse sites that are hosted locally - which makes me guess that I need to find somewhere within DimDim to specify a proxy server.

      Any thoughts?

      • Matt

        Matt - 2009-04-27

        I think I have solved my own problem....

        Set your proxy in System > Preferences > Network proxy

        Then run the Config-ipaddress.pl script.  After doing the above web page sharing seemed to work - I can only assume that the script looks at your system config and does something with the proxy value it finds.

        Hope this helps

        • Jason Neiberger

          Jason Neiberger - 2009-04-29

          What did you set the proxy to? We do not have a proxy server....

    • Azrael

      Azrael - 2009-05-05

      I have the same problem here... I'm under a network but don't have a proxy but the router.


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