Improving the collaborative whiteboard

  • Carlos Bravo

    Carlos Bravo - 2008-07-22


    I'm testing the beta 3.5 by now. There's simply a great job, really!!. I need a feature that I think it would be interesting for all people. It's about combining the desktop sharing with the collaborative whiteboard. The idea is: what if I could take an instant desktop capture, and I put it as the whiteboard canvas background? It would be a really good feature for collaborative work. Don't you think so?

    I don't know if I could help in this development if I had the 3.5 source code. I'm a java-html-js developer.

    Thanks in advance ;-)


    • Hien Ngo (Tuan)

      Hien Ngo (Tuan) - 2009-04-04

      Thanks all for a great work!
      I tried the Whiteboard with Unicode characters but the text box could not work correctly but English.
      I wish that we could change the text box configuration so that it could accept Unicode for Asian languages (Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, etc.)
      The second feature is that the whiteboard could get full screen with the toolbox on the lower corner of display area.

    • paul

      paul - 2009-09-01

      A full, or maximised screen whiteboard woud be nice.
      A few extra shapes and colours wouldn't hurt either.


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