Attendees video + Asterisk integration

  • Matteo

    Matteo - 2007-07-25

    We are very interested in DimDim project, but we need the "attendee video" features, the possibility of stream video also by an attendee, not only by the presenter.
    This feature is planned?
    Also we are very interested in a DimDim Asterisk planned?

    Best regards,

    • dimdim_uday

      dimdim_uday - 2007-07-26


      Thank you for your interest in Dimdim.
      The attendee video feature is part of our roadmap and of late we are receiving a fair number of requests from the community for this feature.
      Dimdim - Asterisk Integration has been mentioned by community users. If there are more requests for this, we shall definitely  plan for this integration effort.
      In case you have any specific feature requests, please feel free to mail me - uday(at)

    • chopeta

      chopeta - 2007-09-13

      Since the Asterisk is open-source and wide used in all the world, I think that integration between the Dimdim and the Asterisk is a must have. Not everyone have a headset connected to the computer, the use of landlines (or even IP hardphones) is very important in the business market.

      I want give me vote to this feature ;)


    • kfsoo01

      kfsoo01 - 2007-10-20

      I agree with Chopeta. DimDim should integrate with Asterisk..


    • Clint Davis

      Clint Davis - 2007-10-21

      Yeah, I’m still around also waiting for this feature.

      However, with the latest changes in asterisk, the quickest way to get this working would be through the new jingle/gtalk features.
      From there once the call is in asterisk, its limit less where it goes from there, can use things such as its own conference bridge to add in PSTN, ISDN, SIP, IAX, and others like Skype or even more Jingle clients.

    • Jeremy Whittaker

      Does anyone know if any headway has been made on Dimdim integration with Asterisk?  I'm very interested in setting this up.  Thanks in advance.

      Jeremy Whittaker
      Senior Consultant
      [URL=""]N2 Network Solutions[/URL]
      3116 South Mill Ave Suite 106
      Tempe, Arizona 85282
      Phone: (602) 445-9816 ext 537
      Toll Free:  (800) 784-4155 ext 537
      Fax: (602) 297-6838


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