Kudos, and a few wish-list items

  • chuck_m

    chuck_m - 2007-09-28

    First of all, let me express my delight at seeing Dimdim emerge on the open source scene.  You folks deserve a lot of credit.  For a long time I've been searching for something browser-based and hosted on a Linux server, but until now have not seen anything with such great potential.

    I have just begun to tinker with Dimdim, and based on my experience with the user interfaces in products such as Webex, Unyte, UserPlane, etc., there are a few goodies I'd love to see in Dimdim.

    -  The ability to prevent the UI from automatically going full-screen at startup (or at least allow passing window size as a POST or GET parameter).  This makes it easier to allow Dimdim to co-exist with other meeting-related windows on the user's desktop.  Perhaps this exists, but I couldn't find a related config parameter.

    - Pre-defined meeting "rooms" in which a lot of config parameters can be independently tweaked to suit each particular room owner.  Access to a particular room should be allowed either from the login form, or via POST or GET parameters or an XML string.  It would be really useful if these room parameters could also be overridden by POST or GET parameters or an XML string when referenced in a link from another service.

    - Multi-way video, using the same sort of user-count control you currently have with audio (i.e. the ability to limit the number of active streams).  A limit of 6 per session seems reasonable, but of course a heavily-used server might not enjoy the stream workload.  It's all about available bandwidth, unfortunately.  I see usefulness in having two independent pulldown option items (and POST/GET parameters too) to establish the maximum number of concurrent video and audio streams for a session.

    - The ability to "pass control" from one meeting moderator/admin/host to another attendee, so that the original moderator can log out without killing the session.

    - Ad-hoc quick opinion polling.

    - The ability for a user to raise a hand to get the Moderator's attention.

    - Uploading of more than just PPT files ... Word documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs come to mind.  I do realize this isn't a trivial thing to implement, but users will demand it.

    - The ability to bypass the meeting host's login and options forms, replacing it with POST or GET parameters or an XML string.  This would allow complete and somewhat transparent integration with other services which have already authenticated the user.  Same thing for an attendee's login.  All in aid of making it a one-click (or even no-click) process via a URL link.

    I think some of these things have been mentioned in other forum posts, and perhaps the Enterprise edition already offers some of this functionality.  I just wanted to toss my 2c worth into the mix.

    Again, my congratulations on what appears to be a real "Webex killer"  :-)


    • kfsoo01

      kfsoo01 - 2007-10-20

      I think the items listed by Chuck are wonderful idea.. If DimDim can improve the image quality a little bit, I believe it will certainly be a "Webex Killer". :)



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