Lance - 2008-04-06


It would be very useful in regards to speeding uploads and saving of bandwidth if it were possible to have Filezilla pre-compress all the files to be uploaded, upload the compressed files (it would be a good idea, because of upload failures, to compress each individual file to be uploaded so that it is possible to restart the uploads and not have to start from the beginning uploading a 3GB file).

This process would also need a decompress program that could be uploaded to the site that could decompress the uploaded files. This program would need 2 versions, one for Windows servers and another for Linux, and the easiest way to execute this would be via a html page on the site that allows the use to select the file/s to decompress and also offers the ability to delete the compressed files after decompression.

I know that Filezilla already offers compression but this is via an ftp protocol and is not available to ALL users. A mechanism that is independent of any protocol would be useful I believe.