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  • ZyanKLee

    ZyanKLee - 2006-12-11

    hey there,
    I absolutely love your work ... ok, not yet, but I think I may love your work in the near future.

    I tried to test the system and found it very nice - except for the hangups after first or perhaps second click I made.
    Ok it is ALPHA, I thought and marked a day in my calendar in the near future to look for progress on your work.

    But then I noticed something: You try to integrate connections to Microsoft Office ??? Why? Is OpenOffice not good enough? But it's free and open just as dimdim is. I think that fit's very well.

    Please integrate OpenOffice into dimdim - it would be really nice for linux-users. And Windows-users could use it as well.


    • dimdim_sundar

      dimdim_sundar - 2006-12-12

      Hello ZyanLee,

      As you have seen there are plans to integrate with open office instead of MS Office. But this will be done after the Beta release which is our focus for now.

      We are working on the bugs you have mentioned: hanging after multiple clicks and am sure they will be solved in future builds.

      Thanks for your feedback.



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