Port Tunneling

  • golfinguy

    golfinguy - 2007-03-29

    One thing that is going to hurt dimdim in the corporate/enterprise environment is the port requirements for firewalls.  Almost all enterprises will not allow port 1935 connections - and with other conferencing solutions out there that do not require firewall changes, they are going to be very unlikely to open the port up just for this one.

    Even if it takes a lot of work, I think it would be worth it to tunnel the 1935 traffic within the same port as the server daemon (80, or other).  Do not underestimate the resistance to corporations making firewall changes, especially with other solutions out there that don't require any.

    • dimdim_uday

      dimdim_uday - 2007-03-30

      Hello Golfinguy,
      Thank you for the interest and the detailed feedback.
      The current version of Dimdim has a rtmp tunnel (rtmpt) solution which allows the rtmp (1935) traffic to be sent over port 80.
      Please let me know if you are facing any problems getting rtmpt to work so I can assist you.

      • Thomas FERRE

        Thomas FERRE - 2008-05-21


        It seems that the port 1935 is tunneled to the port 8088.

        How can I tunnel the port 1935 to the port 80 ?


    • golfinguy

      golfinguy - 2007-03-31

      The current alpha version?  Is it in the documentation?  Please direct me to any instructions.


    • golfinguy

      golfinguy - 2007-04-13

      Can I get a little direction on this (tunneling rtmp via same port as web service)?  I tried email but have heard nothing abou this.

      • dimdim_uday

        dimdim_uday - 2007-04-14

        Hi Golfinguy

        Sorry for missing the follow-up.

        The current pack has the RTMPT support inbuilt - you do not need to make any modifications to use it.
        You can try out the following test:-

        1) Block access to the 1935 port on the Dimdim server using a firewall - Windows Firewall on Windows or a suitable firewall (ipchains/ipfw) on Linux.

        2) Start a meeting and check if audio works.

        3) Expected Result - it should work without any extra configuration

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam

      Hi Thomas,

      We are working on tunneling port 8088 to port 80 for 3.5 Eagle release. We will keep you posted on the updates.



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