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  • Clarence

    Clarence - 2006-10-24

    For use in online education, it would be great if Dimdim were very interactive.  There needs to be the ability for two way voice conversations in the same way you can do two way text chat.

    We also need to be able to run a Java applet that presents a question and waits for an answer. An example site is  If we use Desktop sharing, the teacher can show the site on his desktop and all participants can see the teacher interact with the applet.  If you could combine Remote Administration with Desktop Sharing, then the teacher could run the applet and call on a student to interact with the applet by granting temporary use of the teacher's mouse and keyboard.  It would be like calling a student to the blackboard to work a problem in front of the class.

    There will also be times when we will want to just send the URL to each student so each student can interact independently but on demand, the student could allow the teacher to view the student's desktop to see the student's progress.  This desktop sharing would not have to seen by all participants but that might be a nice option too.  One way to accomplish this would be to be able to grant a student "presentation" rights from time to time.  There could be times when you would want a student to make a presentation to the class from his desktop.

    Of course there needs to be a way for students to ask questions or make comments during a presentation.  If we are in Desktop Sharing, the system need to be able to let the student interact and respond to questions.

    That is enough for now.  I guess you could call this my wish list for Christmas :)

    Keep up the GREAT work!

    • dimdim_sundar

      dimdim_sundar - 2006-11-08

      Hello Clarence,

      you have gone to the root of the issue...thanks for this...interactivity is something we are increasing to a big extent in the Beta version. we are adding two way audio and video (for both control will be with presenter) in the Beta version.

      the other point you raise about letting a student present to the rest of the class is a feature which we call as multiple presenters. we hope to have this also by the time Beta is released. all the possible presenters need to be known at the start of the meeting but the original presenter can selectively give and take back presentation privileges from others. I think this is a possible solution to your needs.

      of course, remote control or administration of a computer by the presenter/teacher is a much desired feature. but unfortunately, we will not have this feature by start of 2007. we are a small team of developers focussing totally on building a reliable and stable product and this feature needs to be built and tested thoroughly and there is not much time before the Beta release. of course, in the first quarter of 2007 Dimdim will have a collaborative whiteboard feature where all participants can come and work together. this will include text and graphic tools. maybe this will help in getting more interactivity and your particular need for "letting a student come on a board and solve a problem"

      I hope the New Year's gift hamper is a bit more full now :-)

      Thanks Clarene for such a thoughtful and informative post. We really appreciate your sincerity as this kind of feedback and feature requests is what keeps us in track in fulfilling the expectations of the larger community.


      • coolman128

        coolman128 - 2007-01-05

        hope the two way audio will come out soon.

      • Joshua Bedgood

        Joshua Bedgood - 2007-09-19

        I think allowing the orginal presenter to select an attendee to share an application and then take back presentation control when the attendee is complete would be a great start at accomplishing some of the interactivity.

    • EdTecher

      EdTecher - 2007-04-09

      two way audio is here (with 1.6.0) but we are still looking for the video. Good to know that it's on the way!

      Can't wait to see the collaborative whiteboard as well.

      Great job!



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