Remote Control

Al Brussey
  • Al Brussey

    Al Brussey - 2008-12-11

    Do you have an actual time frame when Remote Control will be available in DimDim?  The lack of this function is unfortunate.  I am anxious to use DimDim, but I do not have a use for it if this feature continues to be missing. 


    • Anthony Burns

      Anthony Burns - 2008-12-11

      I agree! I am currently a WebEx user and after seeing all of the comparisons to Webex on the DimDim website, I thought I'd finally found a product which I can host myself and be able to utilise for remote administration.

      Could you please advise if/when this is slated for delivery in a future version of DimDim as I think this feature will end up more popular than the meeting component.


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