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  • Scott Simon

    Scott Simon - 2009-01-30

    We're working on setting up the open source package, and will likely be moving this to a new, dedicated server once it is up and running.

    I've been looking for information regarding the recommended hardware configuration for running Dimdim on Linux. 

    Specifically, how much memory and bandwidth and what processor power would be recommended for a setup that will support multiple, simultaneous small webcasts -- mostly one-on-one presentations and as many as 20-50 simultaneous -- as well as occasional larger conferences with as many as 300-500 attendees?

    Or, if its easier to answer, how much memory is needed to start one meeting, and how much additional memory/bandwidth does each attendee require?

    Any info that would help us set up our hardware would be helpful.


    Scott Simon

    • Scott Simon

      Scott Simon - 2009-02-03

      Was able to get the 4.5 Open Source server *mostly* running in a test environment set up on a CentOS 5.2 VPS.  Limitations were 1 GB RAM and a hard max of 7000 open files.

      To get it running, I had to start the Media Server seperately, then kill 7 of the 10 FastCGI processes.  Also had to configure the Conference Server (wrapper.conf) as follows:

      # Initial Java Heap Size (in MB)

      # Maximum Java Heap Size (in MB)

      After that, I could start the rest of the system.  When done, 95% of available memory and 94% of available files were in use.  Audio, video, and the whiteboard were non-functional, but I could share my desktop and also upload/broadcast a presentation.

      From my testing, it appears startup requires at least 1.6 GB of RAM.  The Conference Server allocated about 400 MB to starting the Java, Tomcat, and the webapp, and the Media Server allocated about 100 MB to each of 10 FastCGI processes.  Memory footprint of the remaining components was fairly small.

      The open files limitation is purely a VPS issue, because the limit is so small.  Dimdim (with OpenOffice active) uses about 9000-10,000 files, but a dedicated Linux machine should have well over 200,000 available.  That and the RAM requirement is why we are currently evaluating options for a dedicated server.

      Still unsure where to go with that, though, as I cannot find any definite information on hardware/bandwidth requirements when you start hosting multiple meetings and adding attendees.  And, all I have from my testing is what it takes to start up. 

      What little hardware data I've found appears to be for versions of Dimdim prior to 4.5.

      Right now, we're looking at a server like this:

      4 2.40 GHz Core 2 Quad Q6600
      CentOS 5.2
      8 GM RAM
      100 mbps switch port to hosting company's T1/T3 lines

      I'm guessing this should be sufficient to host a lot of concurrent meetings, especially since most meetings will be small (presenter plus one or two attendees).  We still have the occasional need to host a large web conference with potentially hundreds of attendees.

      Does this server look sufficient for these needs?

      Is there any definitive data on hardware requirements, memory/bandwidth for each meeting or attendee, or any other relevant information to help us select the correct server for Dimdim 4.5?


      Scott Simon


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