DimDim is now forked

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-07

    DimDim is officially abandoned-ware. You can find a fork here:


  • Dave Sampson

    Dave Sampson - 2011-01-10

    Did anyone ask the current developers to grant permission to new contributors?

    Why fork to a new collab platform? many advantages of sticking with Sourceforge.

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-10

    The current developers were purchased by SalesForce and have explicitly stated that they have zero interest in keeping the GPL version of DimDim alive. The fork allows us to legally take the dimdim source to a new, non-trademarked version for continued support, since SalesForce now owns the DimDim trademark. GPL is a copyright to the source code and does not apply to trademark, so continuing the product as DimDim would violate said trademark.

    Also, DimDim has been approached before the buyout to allow contributions from the community but refused to accept them.

    The reason to move to Google Code vs Sourceforge is simply a matter of taste. While Sourceforge has a plethora of features such as managed mail list, forums, and superb mirroring of projects for distributed servers, it contains too many ads that distract users from the project. Also, the site is too complicated for users to navigate and download multiple files without page after page of flash ads. Again, it's taste that help make the decision.

    Your are more then welcomed to contact DimDim for contributors and administrators to be assigned to this project, but I wouldn't hold my breath that SalesForce even allows you to download the files to the project much longer, let alone assign new admins and contributors from the community and users.

  • Pablo J. Etcheverry

    It would be great to reconsider moving to Google Code. One important problem is that developers from Cuba can't access that site, it is simply banned for their IP addresses. I understand you can prefer one or the other, but making at least a mirror in SF would be very kind.



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