Can not install on CentOS 5?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Pre install checks for CentOS 4.5

                    Checking OS Version...
                    Dimdim supports only CentOS 4.5. Please check dimdim documentation                                              

    • Rajesh Dharmalingam


      Thanks for your interest towards Dimdim. The current Linux Dimdim installer supports CentOS 4.5 only.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This isn't helpful.  It is no longer possible to even download 4.5.  Why not make the installer work with 4 >= 4.5?

    • billy

      billy - 2008-06-01

      Hi All,

      There is a new version (3.5 ver) of Dimdim, which can install on any Linux Version with glibc 2.5+.

      Go to to take a look. XD

      Billy Sin


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